Minuteman Group, LLC has been a leader in providing consulting/staffing solutions for over 30 years. It was founded in 1979 by highly qualified professionals who hold graduate and doctorate degrees. Furthermore, our extensive staff includes experienced professionals with an engineering, finance and management educational background. Our clients continue to turn to us for solutions because our team of highly educated professionals clearly understands their needs. The extensive knowledge of our staff ensures an ideal solution for every project.

As a leader in the industry we take pride in our business practices:

  • TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: Our staff includes scientists, engineers, and senior executives who have the education and take the time to understand client requirements
  • EXTENSIVE DATABASE: Our extensive database of highly qualified professionals includes a vast pool of technical experts who have been pre-screened. Our staff is committed to customer satisfaction and we are continually improving our processes through customer feedback
  • COMPETITIVE SALARIES: We have been around for 30 years because we provide competitive salaries that attract the most qualified professionals who are eager to work on our client’s projects
  • ATTRACTIVE BENEFITS: We provide desirable benefits such as holidays, vacations, medical insurance, dental insurance and a 401K retirement plan
  • EFFICIENT PAYROLL PROCESS: We have an experienced staff that ensures a seamless payroll process that has been fine tuned over the years to make it simple for employees